Waltham Park Road New Testament Church of God has been serving the Jamaican community for over forty-five years. Our community outreach programs and youth initiatives are designed to help those in need.

In 1964 the Jordan Road New Testament Church of God gave birth to a church situated at the corner of Waltham Park Road and Rosalee Avenue in Kingston 11.  Over the years this child, known as Waltham Park New Testament Church of God (WPNTCG) has been ministering in the community and its environs and has grown to a current membership of over 2,000.

The church operates through several areas of ministry and departments, namely:

  1. Women’s Ministry
  2. Life Builders (Men’s Ministry)
  3. Evangelism and Missions
  4. Youth and Christian Education Department
  5. Music  and Sound Department
  6. Audio Visual Department
  7. Public Relations Department
  8. Senior Citizens Ministry
  9. Traffic Wardens
  10. Hospitality Team
  11. Couples Ministry
  12. Cradle Roll Ministry
  13. Administration